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sherwood park, ab, Canada

Quick Blurb

I make my items from saved or recycled materials. By using rescued items it forces me to be more creative. I also like to red


knitting, sewing, apron, recycle, upcycle, vintage, headband, pattern, fabric, dress, wool, yarn, felted, hat, vintage

Skills and Techniques

general craftiness
simple pattern making, pattern collecting/hoarding

Get to Know

I started cross-stitching when I was five. While I no longer cross-stitch I have taught myself to knit and I like to sew.

I also love vintage clothing. I have closets full of it. I buy it even if it doesn\\\'t fit just because I love the way it looks. I look at vintage clothing as pieces of art.

I also love \\\"tacky\\\" old fabric. You know what I am talking about. The fabric that most people would laugh at or go, \\\"yuck!\\\" I of course appreciate it for what it really is. A unique reminder of the past.,

Nothing holds me back. One moment I am a making a headband, scoping out vintage clothing, looking for patterns, or knitting. You never know what you may find in my store.

I make all my items from saved or recycled materials. This means that if you see something buy it because I may not be able to find the materials to make another. I also try to use as much recycled packaging as possible. This saves the environment and saves you money.