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miami, fl, United States

Quick Blurb

25 year old hippie aiming to exhibit her artwork around the world


jogging, singing, aromatherapy, energy, metaphysics, nature, geocaching, consciousness, philosophy, astronomy, astrology, yoga, coffee houses, live music, art walks, travel, steampunk, faces, spirituality, the ocean, penguins, candlemaking, vegetarianism

Skills and Techniques

chiaroscuro, painterly, realism, surrealism, abstract, representational, expressionism, figurative, portraiture, tea staining, canvas building

Get to Know

Tatiana Suarez is an emerging Miami-based artist with a bachelor degree in Oil Painting and art history. Themes of her paintings include commentary on the social and identity issues faced by young adults and bringing attention to the ego-centric mindset disease plaguing humanity, with inspiration stemming from metaphysics and global consciousness.

Main medium is oil paint. Other mediums include: drawing ink, charcoal, graphite, acrylics, UV reactive paint, hot tea, paper mache, found objects and watercolor.

Current projects:
-Maya: Veil of delusion series (painting 4 of 12, sized 36 x 48 x 2.5)
-UV series
-Chakras series

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**Past Exhibitions and Events:

- SOLO Art Miami, Miami Airport Convention Center, Miami, FL, 2010
- Dekka Gallery, Fashion Row in Hallandale, FL 2010
-"Hyperlight" at Vlada Lounge, Design District, in Miami, FL 2010
-"Launderette" at Vlada Lounge, Design District in Miami, FL, 2010
-"Moonfaire" Winter Solstice Festival at Coral Castle, Homestead, FL, 2009
-"Camelot Days" at Topeekeegee Yugnee Park, Hollywood, FL 2009
-GC Gallery in Miami, FL 2007
-Master's Mystery show, Art Basel, Miami FL 2006