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Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States

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Artem Decorare started as an cooperative between two artists, we are still best of friends - but I, Jen, am continuing solo.


Beading, Beadwork, Beads, Beadeaving, Reading, Knitting, Creating Anything

Get to Know

Artem Decorare is currently a cooperative between two artists - Crystal and Jennifer. We both live in Winston-Salem North Carolina and met walking our dogs. We both have varied backgrounds that we bring to crafting and a passion for handcrafted one of a kind items with historical influences and motifs. Our focus is on handcrafted one of a kind items and adornments. We endeavor to include natural and historical motifs in a wide variety of materials. We do not focus on the material over the artist - instead the focus is on the individuality of the artwork crafted by the artist. We are hand-crafters, we use our minds, hearts, and hands to bring beauty into the world - and we would like to share this beauty with you.

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    An example of our packaging. We wanted it to represent our dedication to handmade and have special touches.

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    Artem Decorare at our first booth.

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    Jennifer's Studio - Bead Organization

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    Jennifer's Studio - Work Space