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Bandung, Ja, Indonesia


Are you interested in owning the most desirable, coolest motorbike headgear in the world?
A head-turner on the road, even will make hot babes swoon over you.

The helmets are brilliantly hand-crafted and designed based on the movie character.
An awe-inspiring collectible for fans around the globe.

They are exceptionally unique, exclusive piece of artwork at its best, for individuals who are outrageously different. A cool looking alien on the road.

Those helmets are pre-fabricated, DOT and SNELL certified to conform to the standards that govern the predator motorbike helmet laws.
Inside is a REAL helmet, for your safety and protection.

The NHK REAL helmet is DOT and SNELL approved. The parts is made of fibreglass materials.
The helmet is equipped with 3-LED red lights,
turning the user into a super cool alien being on the road.
The lights are available in red, green and yellow colours.

Highly suitable for motorcross, riding, paintball, go-carting etc.

Definitely, a must-have for the movie character fans and centre of attraction
from onlookers everywhere.

One hell of a kick-ass helmet!

More upcoming custom helmet models on the way in 2015! So stay tuned!

Skills and Techniques

Modifikator Helmet

Get to Know

Predator Helmet - Helmet Modification Unique works of BenMustafaZ
Predator Helmet - Helm Unique Modification work is a successful entrepreneur business BenMustafaz Salon Helm Fresh and Clean.
Buying and selling takes place in the last year to develop a helmet salon business by providing the latest innovations to make helmets predators. Starting from a mere provide services to improve the helmet as a foam dressing, dressing mirror, bolt helmet, helmet paint, air brush helmet, replace the helmet strap.

Unique helmet that seemed extreme, was able to hook consumers in a number of countries in the world such as Malaysia, the Philippines and India.
manufacture helmets predator inspired similar products made in Russia that he is tough on the internet and offer price of Rp 786 US $. Seeing this, his curiosity up and want
make similar products.

"When you see that helmet, I was challenged and think if they can make me why not. Then I postingkan on my facebook account," he said.

Apparently, this response from one of his friends and then leave mengomentar. From here, then it slowly began curiosity missed.

"He said he knew there were selling similar products in Jogja. Then find and meet. From this first. Then the helmets we marketed to a group of bikers through online social media," he said.

It turned out to get a pretty good response, especially from consumers in Malaysia. But for his own domestic, is still lacking. "Maybe because it was considered too extreme and unnatural," he said, smiling.

Helm this one, are not commonly used every day while riding a motorcycle. Because in typically, the helmet is used for casual predators, such as when there is an event bikers or other events.

In marketing these products he always says, using a helmet predator, users will look cool while using vehicles, and will be the concern of the user other motorcycles.

For the manufacturing process one unit of predator and alien helmet takes two weeks until the finishing process. "This is due to its manufacture specified size, motif and orders in accordance with the tastes of consumers. This pivot system.

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