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West Melbourne, FL, United States

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Welcome to the Berkshire Bowls shop. Started in 2010, Berkshire Bowls makes an array of puzzle, bowls, boxes and more.


wood working, internet programming, metal working, creating

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wood working

computer programming

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Welcome to my shop. My name is Scott and I started Berkshire Bowls in the fall of 2010. I have actually been in the technology field for several years and have run my own sports game site since 2001. In the fall of 2010, I hatched the idea for Berkshire Bowls.

Berkshire Bowls originally started as a hand turned wood bowl business. I think that ultimately it wasn't as much about bowls as it was about allowing my creativity to flow. One of my favorite parts of the hand turned pieces I make is scouring the woods looking for just the right tree limb or stump to make something spectacular. I always use wood from a tree that has been taken down for other reasons. Truth be told, it isn't as much to be eco-friendly as it is that I am a little scared of felling a tree. Either way, it is an earth friendly method to bring spectacular wood pieces to the shop.

What started with bowls, quickly branched out to boxes (or stash boxes as they are sometimes known), wine glasses, pens, bottle stoppers, and more.

In 2011, while browsing a top classified site, I came across a great piece of machinery for sale. Never one to pass up a good deal on power tools, I picked it up. Faced with the challenge of trying to find something fun to make with the new tool, I started dabbling in wood puzzles. Although I don't collect the wood for the puzzles in the forest, all of the puzzle designs are my own. A new shop favorite was born, the wood puzzle. Since the first puzzle I made (a 9 to 11 piece rocket ship out of MDF board) I have been developing new pieces, with different highlights and media. Whether the puzzles are painted, wood burned, natural or some combination, I am always trying to come up with fun puzzles for children and adults alike.

As the shop continues to grow, so, too, does my creative desire. I am always working on new ideas, new pieces and new ways to bring Berkshire Bowls to the public.

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    This was a custom made Chicago skyline puzzle I made for a couple who was getting married and wanted their guests to be able to sign each puzzle piece with a silver sharpie. 150 pieces, each about 2" x 2".

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    Another special run. Here a rolling pin is on the lathe, being made for a special partnership with the Smart Baker, LLC. You can inquire about getting one of these great handmade pins at Each segment on the pin is exactly 1", so, the rolling pin not only rolls, it also measures.