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Batavia, Ohio, United States

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aromatherapy, skin care, botanicals, plants, wondrous chemistry, and the human heart.

Skills and Techniques

Research, careful measurements, testing and of course shopping for ingredients of the highest quality and creating packaging that is interesting and unique.

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Get to Know

Welcome to my shop, my name is Laura and I love to study aromatherapy and psychology/sociology. I just think its' fascinating how complex human beings are.

Even though aromatherapy is not legally recognized in the US, there are people who still use essential oils for various reasons. I started using essential oil of lemon for my arthritis several years ago. No it is not a cure but I believe it is better than taking nsaids, with all of their side effects.

Only I did not feel the pain until my joints were rubbing by the time I went to a doctor I was looking at the possibility of surgery. Turned out that a custom made brace worn for a while helped, so the surgery wasn't necessary at least for now.

According to the FDA, I cannot say that any of my products are a cure or a treatment for any medical condition, unless I have a full blown study completed. Not only does a study take a long time they often costs a millions of dollars (that's why medicines are so expensive).

I have been interested in Aromatherapy for several years. The first 3 years all I did was seek out books and web sites to learn. Then I finally decided to take the plunge and do a home study course. Mostly because I learn better when I can go at my own pace. Sometimes that's faster than a class and sometimes it's slower.

Several months ago my lips became very dried and cracked and yes really sore. I later learned that I had acid reflux even though I almost never feel like I have heart burn. This reflux was what caused the damage to my lips. I tried many remedies then finally formulated my own which actually worked in less than 2 days.

You will be able to find information on my techniques for making these products by visiting my blog here at Artfire. I will be adding one at a time as I have time.

So now I am addicted to finding recipes for skin care issues, and I am taking advanced level classes in aromatherapy.

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