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Tyrone, Pa, United States

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Cadding new ring designs, titanium metal working, welding, watching Discovery Chanel, robotics, cats, vintage cars, collecting tools, fishing

Skills and Techniques

Designing and cutting out a new titanium ring design is one of my favorite past times. Every order is special and making a customer's ring is always a pleasure. The true tension set designs and manufacturing techniques I have developed allow me to create custom tension settings for large diamonds and sapphires. Much of it is a trade secret. No one else creates titanium tension settings to set larger gems exactly the way I do. That in itself is my greatest unique skill.

Get to Know

As a teenager, my hobby was designing and building competition "battlebot" robots. Fortunately I lived near a place that sold reasonably priced used equipment and I had a nice workshop building in the back yard. Eventually, I purchased a couple manual lathes, a milling machine and a variety of bench tools. For a couple years, I was busy drawing robot designs, machining various metals and building the robots I designed.

In 2006 I had a couple rods of titanium laying around in the shop and just for fun I made a few rings and showed them to my friends at college. Everyone loved them. The rings were in great demand and I thought it might be a great way to help fund my "battlebot" building projects.

I visited a local jewelry store and showed the jewelers a couple of my first rings. The jewelers were very cool guys and enthusiastically gave me lots of good tips to try for polishing and finishing the rings I showed them. Although I was working with titanium rather than precious metals, their suggestions helped me to develop the super shiny finish featured on the first handmade titanium bands that I marketed. The first time I went to Philadelphia's Jeweler's Row, I went with one of the guys. What a place! I was finding designing and creating unique custom handmade titanium bands, learning about gemstones, and tension setting gemstones was becoming a very challenging but fulfilling occupation.

By 2007, I had a number of designs and started selling my handmade titanium rings online. My work shop had transformed from robot building to jewelry making. There was no time left for robot building. The grinder was fit with polishing wheels. The lathe and mill were now the primary machines for ring making rather than robot building. I was making so many rings that when the college semester finished I started making rings full time.

Since the first rings I made, many things have remained the same. I design and create the exclusive titanium ring designs. The rings are cut from a solid rod of titanium using a manual lathe, hand sculpted and hand polished. Using manual machinery controlled by the human hand does take more time to create a ring. Each ring is an individual work of art, the true beauty of a unique handmade creation that no one else will have.

I love making rings and knowing each ring I make is as unique as the person who wears it.

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