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Twilight, CA, United States

Quick Blurb

It all started when my gaze fell upon a skein of silk sari yarn... its beautiful multi colors lured me into creativity...


creating with silk sari & banana silk yarns, developing silk tapestry technique, button hunting, Spiritual landscaping, organic gardening, creating large scale spirals, nurturing my orchards, caring for animal pack, breathing fresh mountain air

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Get to Know

I am a craftswoman & artist; a mother to the animals that look to me, to the trees & gardens that I have planted, and to the land that I am pioneering. I was born in France and grew up outside of Geneva, in the vastness of London and in the hills of Provence & the Mediterranean area. I was trained as an artist through mentoring & college, when in 1985 I received a BA in Fine Arts- both in studio art and art history. I was a paper maker, photographer, printer & weaver. Professionally, I represented photographers & artists in the commercial gallery system, notably Vision Gallery in San Francisco. Today, I advocate for my own creative work in a journey called Brizel Handcrafts. I continue to be very eclectic and work with a variety of naturally eco-friendly materials and supplies. Right now, I am particularly in love with silk sari yarn (made from reclaimed loom warps), banana silk yarn (made from banana fibers), vintage & modern buttons (shanks mostly), handwoven sashes (rescued from a business going under), tagua nut wood (sustainably grown in the rain forest), rattail cord and... wood which I grow & prune from my own apple trees. I own some acreage in the No. Cal mountains and have created two large scale spirals there... so I am also a landscape artist working with rock, earth, trees and plants ! I craft throughout the wheel of the year- making certain products at specific times of the solar year or of the lunar cycle. Since I have chosen to work very close to the land... up in the mountains where the skies are wide & open... all nature's rhythms, deep consciousness and passion reverberate in what I create. I work more than full time every day running my online businesses; creating & making products; working in my gardens/orchards and developing my property; doing occasional craft fairs; caring for myself and my adopted animals as well as staying in touch with my friends & family. I have a blog page and a flickr account where I share a little more of what I do... It is a rich and busy life !