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Saint Louis, MO, United States

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Butterfly Kiss Children's Boutique provides one of a kind products that inspire confidence in your little one.


reading, writing and volunteering in the community.

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Retail buying

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Hi! I'm Rosha, owner and founder of Butterfly Kiss. That is one of many titles I hold, my most esteemed being "mother of three." Running a boutique is a new adventure for me, however I am no stranger to the world of retail, or adventures for that matter (if you have children you know what I mean). I spent the first 9 years of my career in retail advertising and retail buying for a major department store, and I am excited to use that experience to guide me through this journey. Along the way, I hope to connect with other moms and give back to the community through my time, talent and resources.

I began this journey more than two years ago at a back to school carnival. I was one of hundreds of parents taking advantage of free back to school goods, in hopes of lightening the load that arrives with every new school year. Trekking through the rainy park, my thoughts turned from lengthy school supply lists and registration fees to the butterfly painting on my check. A couple of weeks earlier at an outdoor picnic, a butterfly landed on my hamburger. Despite my best efforts it wouldn't budge, so I was forced to throw my food away; that same week my son made me a butterfly in church. And that day I'd gotten my face painted (to appease my then four-year old son), and the only girly option was a butterfly. Until that moment, it had completely escaped me, but now, I'm convinced the heavens hand delivered me a message in the form of a butterfly. For me, life had become a vicious cycle of clock in, clock out, pay bills (just barely), take care of the kids, sleep and repeat. My days were becoming a blare, and most mornings I found myself dreading the day before I was even out of bed. But in that instant, I knew something new was about to take flight. I didn't know what that would entail, but I believe that's the day Butterfly Kiss was born.

Here at Butterfly Kiss Children's Boutique my goal is simple, to provide one of a kind products that inspire confidence in your little one. From funky and fabulous to dainty and dazzling there is something for every child.

Thank you for visiting Butterfly Kiss. I hope you come back again.

Warmest Regards,

Rosha Chandler

Owner & Founder