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Bradenton, Florida, United States

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I'm a retired principle engineer and a Vietnam Veteran.I served as a UH-1D/C crew chief in the 170th Assault Helicopter Comp


Today, my interests focus mainly around candle making, and staying well. I was very active in sailing, scuba diving, underwater photography, fly fishing, fly tying. I love dogs especially basset hounds and recently lost my best friend "Girlfriend".

Skills and Techniques

I came up with a different kind of Sand Candle as an entry in a candle making contest in 2007. The candle is called a Sand Pot Candle. I enjoy making the sand and wax castings that I finish into pots. I fill the pots with scented palm wax and a wick. Two techniques I have developed are color blending and streaking in paraffin wax. Color blending is where I use two colors of wax in the same candle. Instead of a very discernible separation of color, the color gradually changes from one color to a

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Get to Know

I am a retired principle engineer and a Vietnam Veteran. While in Vietnam I was assigned to the 170th Assault Helicopter Company, where I served as crew chief on a "huey". Not long after I retired and moved to Florida, I became extremely ill. My illness resulted in me being disabled. I suffer from chronic pain due to Peripheral Neuropathy and a host of other problems due to Agent Orange exposure while in Vietnam. Candle making has been a distraction, enabling me to manage my pain. I work almost every day in my outdoor studio. Our large backyard filled with many feathered vocal residents provides the entertainment while I work. I am able to work all but a few days during the year. Sometimes it is just too cold to make candles. My store "Candles by Donald" is open all the time, and is easy to get to at I started making candles in 2004 making some hand-dipped tappers. These tapers burned excellent and gave me the confidence to start making pillar candles. It did not take long for the unscented candles to take over the studio and then the house. While visiting a local farm stand I asked the owner about selling my candles in her store. The answer was yes, but the candles sold poorly. People wanted scented candles and more of a professional looking product. This was the beginning of Candles by Donald. I added scent to the pillar candles, shrink wrapped the candles, and provided labels. Now I had a beautiful product and the candles began to sell. Unfortunately the farm stand closed, and once again without a place to sell my candles. I needed a place to sell my candles. Ebay provided me with my first on-line store. After a good experience with Ebay I moved my store to Etsy aligning my product with other hand made items. My store within Etsy did well at first then business tanked along with the economy. I recently moved to Artfire in an effort to reduce costs and continue to keep Candles by Donald alive; I need to make candles. I like the Artfire store and feel confident my candles will once again sell well as soon as the economy improves. I am still stocking the shelves at Candles by Donald and will probably never stop. I want to provide quantity, quality, and selection for the candle buyer. I use the 3 inch diameter X 4 1/2 inches tall pillar candle as my flagship product. I believe this size candle gives the customer the most product for their dollar. It is a good size for shipment using the priority mail 2-3 day system offered by the United States Postal Service. Candles need to ship fast, and I am unable to get to the post office. Priority mail provides me with boxes, and package pickup by request on a daily basis. Along with actually making candles, I spend hours searching for interesting candle scents at reasonable prices. In the "Policy" section of my store I have provided a table of the fragrances I have now as well as those I am ordering. ATTENTION 170TH AHC VETS! 170 th Assault Helicopter Company Vietnam Vets, I have a special deal for you all. Take $1.00 off any candle of the 3 in dia. X 4.5 inches tall variety. This deal will last forever; You are family. I will refund your discounts through Paypal, as soon as I receive the order. You can also contact me with your order and I will set up a reserved order with the discounted pricing in place for you.

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