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Middlebury, Ct., United States

Quick Blurb

PurpleSage, Sage are believed to promote clear thinking and clarity in one's space. To rid the air of toxins,


My Family, listening to my daughter play Violin, Seeing people smile, Creating, Metal Work,Mixed Media Design, Gardening, Hummingbirds, Dragonflys,Butterflies, Chihuahuas, Reading, Castle,Watching things Grow, Watching a pair of birds build a nest, Lake

Skills and Techniques

Loves and Passions... Rather than skills and Techniques...Creating a piece that tells a story, holds a Special Meaning for the one that wears it.

Get to Know

I am a single Mother who has always tried to do the best in every way. After a very bad accident in which I was hit on the highway, I have been left with permanent Spinal Cord Injuries as well as other Spinal injuries that have permanently impacted and changed the way I live my life. Becoming disabled has certainly been the biggest challenge and continues to be a challenge on a daily basis.After many surgeries, my disability came on in stages. So, there have been many levels of acceptance and adjustment involved for myself and my daughter. It was during this period that I was inspired to start teaching myself how to make jewelry. Whether it was sent to me as a means to stay sane or a way to give happiness, it has helped me through some very hard and unknowing times that are all apart of who I am today, I hope you enjoy your visit to Clarity Of Purplesage.