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Tucson, Arizona, United States

Quick Blurb

My passion for design and metalsmithing is reflected in my perpetual development of new designs and use of new materials-


metalsmithing, fine metals fabrication, stone setting, pewter fabrication, pewter casting, silver fabrication, mixed metals, gardening, water harvesting, paining, art, photography, camping, italian culture

Skills and Techniques

Metalsmithing... many techniques in my skills toolbox...mostly working with mixed metals and silver. Hollow construction, waxcarving, repousse, piercing, stone setting...I could go on and on......

Get to Know

Metalsmithing for 20 plus years.

I began learning jewelry techniques and design in New Hampshire (as an apprentice during summer breaks while in college). Then after graduating 1n 1989, I moved to Rhode Island and worked in the jewelry community as a silversmith, paying my dues...I returned to Boston one more time for a year and that winter made it clear to me that I had to get some SUNSHINE!

So, I headed for Tucson Arizona, land of Gem shows and incredible weather (trading Boston winters for Tucson Summers...I'll take heat over cold anyday). Tucson has a rich history of metalsmiths and I have learned a huge amount about the craft from my fellow Tucson 'smiths.

My husband and I moved from Arizona to Florence Italy (his home town) from 1997- 2000, where I spent many hours restoring our home and studying metals techniques at Italian jewelry schools.

We moved back to Arizona in 2000, and enjoy our huge garden and the warm winters of the Southwest.

I create my designs in my fabulous garden studio (complete with a front porch where we kick back and enjoy the sunsets.)

The variety of my experiences as a jeweler has added versatility and a unique mix of the old world and the new west to my designs.