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Independence, Missouri, United States

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Hello there! We're Formed By Fire, and welcome to our website studio of glass bead jewelry and stone pendant jewelry. Please

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Kim has been into creating art ever since she can remember. Her art obsession started with drawing and progressed from there. Kim can remember the time when a teacher gave her back an algebra assignment with the advice to do more math and less drawing.
She took the advice to heart, but reversed it. More drawing, less math.

Kimberly's art has been a rich inner sanctuary for her. She has meandered into the world of ceramics, sculpture, painting, basket making, weaving, and paper making, all in the quest for creative self expression. She has taken her love of art into the classroom and guides children PreK-6 on the path of creative exploration. Coincidentally, her love of art led her to the love of her life, Larry. Twenty years ago, she painted a bass on his business window, and they have been inseparable ever since.

Kimberly's dad, who makes wire wrapped bracelets, invited Kim and Larry to the K.C. gem show. Kim went about buying little rocks and Larry discovered a pretty rock with a ton of variety and color. To Larry's surprise, he discovered that his sister owned property where Mozarkite was located. So they loaded up the car and paid Larry's sister a visit. They had no idea what Mozarkite in the rough looked like, but they found some, and an interesting legend to go with it. Larry discovered that the rock could hold a fine polish. Larry suggested that they make jewelry using Mozarkite. That's when Formed By Fire Design Studio was born.

Kim had always wanted to make glass beads. Sadly, she found Hobby Lobby lacking in variety and quality when it came to glass beads. She loved the idea of making a necklace with beads she had made herself. With great excitement, Kim ordered a bead making kit. Soon she discovered that making beads wasn't as easy as she thought. Larry began to design jewelry with handmade beads he had made himself and pendants too. Together, they continue to explore the wonderful world of jewelry making.

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