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I make a wide variety of items from baby bibs and blankets, to upcycled clothing and home décor.
I love the themes, patterns, colors, and overall style of the sixties so I tend to use them in my designs. I like to create things out of vintage fabrics. It's fun to take something that may seem "old" and outdated and make it into something new and funky. Vintage bed sheets are my favorite. You just can't find these types of fabrics in any fabric store so they are the perfect solution. You can make almost any "old" clothing into something new and fun again. Even more importantly, you are saving another item from being dumped in a landfill. I try to use every bit of fabric that I can. I can use the medium sized "scrap" pieces for my cuddle quilts and blankets and the even smaller "scrap" pieces for patchwork and I LOVE patchwork. The possibilities are endless. I love The Beatles and their Yellow Submarine fabric line and I use it to make just about everything I can think of; bibs, blankets, quilts, bathroom decor, bedroom décor, you name it. I try to make the things that I wish I could find in store but can't like my Star Wars Bathroom Set or Rainbow Brite Baby Collection. Anything I can dream up!

I hope you enjoy my shop!