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udaipur, rj, India


Handicraft is about processing materials by hand with hand tools. The results can be helpful things or decorative things. The materials utilized by us in the products are natural. The models of the product are ancient, revised traditional or fashionable. Handicraft is deeply frozen in society and contributes to preserving and sending traditions. In our products, crafters transfer an area of their cultural heritage in ideas, forms, materials and work ways, similarly as their own values, philosophy of life, fashion and self-image. Craftspeople, conjointly known as artisans, possess technical data of materials and work ways. we have skilled employees whose profession relies on manual skills. Their main tools are the power of work strategies and their manual skills. Handicraft contains plenty of implicit data which grows every year, aboard with skills. The order and apprentice system has been widely used to transfer skills and implicit data.

Skills and Techniques

A handicraft, sometimes more precisely expressed as artisanal handicraft or handmade, is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools here in India. It is a traditional main sector of craft and applies to a wide range of creative and design activities that are related to making things with one's hands and skill.

Get to Know

We have many articians working for us who carve different products out of huge marble blocks. We source our marble blocks from Udaipur itself.
I believe the products that we manufacture are extremely unique in design & the customer service that we provide is immaculately accommodating. We want all our customers to feel the same warmth with which our products are created.

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