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Littlehampton, SA, Australia

Quick Blurb

I have always aimed to produce simple, elegant, beautiful jewellery, each piece being unique and unrepeatable.


Ceramic, clay, glass beads, wire, thread, nature, sunshine, cups of tea, good company

Skills and Techniques

pottery, beading, wire work, mother :)

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Get to Know

Each of my clay beads is made by hand and each piece is an intuitive process; the beads tell me what they want to be. These beads are deceptively light and the back of each bead is smooth but unglazed, making them very comfortable. I often feel that my job is to make these beautiful things and put them out into the world so their owners can find them. Each little bead is part of a large and long process. It starts with lino cuts, carved by hand from daydreaming doodles that are pressed into slabs of clay. Then the shapes are either cut out by hand or by cookie-cutters I have altered. Each bead gets a hole and then is smoothed and burnished on the back until dry. This means that they sit smooth and light on your skin. After this they are bisque fired they get some underglaze decoration and then glaze. This is where my designs get their colours, from earth pigments, commercial glazes and glazes I make myself. They are then glaze fired. Next, I start to create the jewellery. Each bead is different and each one ends up part of a unique piece of jewellery, combined with cord or wire or chain and glass beads from all over the world, my favourites are Czech glass beads for their strong colours and high quality. So what you see is more art than jewellery and full of heart. Love and blessings.

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    This necklace is made using one of my handmade ceramic beads. The two interweaving strands mimic the nature of the ocean; a steady, balanced but asymetrical rythym. Using various pearls, swarovski crystals and glass beads in shades of blue, green, grey and white. Length - 27 inches, 69 cm