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jewelry, photography, crocheting, knitting, mixed media art, drawing

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I'm just a Happie Hippie Chick trying to make my way through life....family, dogs, work, hobbies and a chronic illness or two thrown in for good measure. Sometimes the road is anything but smooth, but I think life would be boring without at least a few potholes. Here you will find the things I get myself into. I love creating new things and my hope is that you will love what you find here. :) My interests are photography, handcrafted jewelry, crocheting/knitting, mixed media art, drawing and my dogs....oh and the family too, can't forget them. :)

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    This is one of my favorite photographs that I've taken. I use a Nikon d5100 and sell my work on various stock sites.

  • happiehippiechick's Photo Gallery

    Taken with my iPhone while doing one of my most favorite things: Treasure Hunting! I love antique, thrift and flea market stores!

  • happiehippiechick's Photo Gallery

    Another favorite of mine...I like candles, can you tell? What I love most about this photo is the way the candlewick was curling.

  • happiehippiechick's Photo Gallery

    Ok, so I think by now you must think I'm really into fire...well, yes. I love to photograph fire...with a fire extinguisher by my side!