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Bay City, TX, United States

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I never know what to write in these things!

I've been beading my whole life. Never a whole bunch or professionally, but my mom would keep me quiet for hours by setting me down in front of a big box of glass beads when I was a kid.

My mother and sister are fabulous artists, but it seemed the art gene skipped me. They expressed themselves in paint and graphite in ways I could never achieve. I stuck to less representational things. Knitting, spinning, beading and the like. It took me a long time to realize that these too were works of art. Sure I can't sketch anything and have it look like the thing or person I chose as my model, I'm lucky if I manage to make my portraits look human, but I have discovered that that doesn't mean the beautiful things I do make aren't 'art'. I've just found my voice in fiber, glass and wire.

I love making rosaries. It's like writing a sonnet. Sonnets have very strict rules.

If you don't write in the correct pentameter, if your rhyme scheme isn't just so, you don't have a sonnet.

If you don't have the right pattern of beads, you don't have a rosary.

But within these bounds you have room for amazing feats of creativity.

I have no way with words, but I work in glass, stone, metal and wire to glorify God and to honor Mary.