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Alexandra Hills, QL, Australia

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Welcome to the crazy little world of this strange little girl who likes to create....


beading, jewellery, digital art, metal clay, dichroic glass, painting, fusing, seed beading,

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http://www.hextasy.com/ http://hextasy.etsy.com/ http://www.facebook.com/HextasyD… http://hextasy.blogspot.com/

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Welcome to .[heXtasy]. The result of a love for all things shiny, a penchant for fiddling and the hermit lifestyle that I seem to have adopted. Dabbling in the art of jewellery since 2006, after several years of working as a freelance digital artist. It has been wonderful to finally move from a non-physical realm into the physical. Inspired by the laments of all forms of music and the world of colour we live in, each piece develops a life of it's own to become truely unique. From glass to beads to metal, each piece is handmade and finished with a professional touch to endure many years of treasuring. I hope you will enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed the creation. Roses, .[S]. Don't forget to visit my other stores for more designs: http://www.hextasy.com/store/ http://hextasy.etsy.com/ And also find me on facebook ---->

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