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Statesboro, GA, United States

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Natural, Handmade, & Homemade


Soap, Salve, Tea, Balm, Cream, Body Care, Skin Care, Wood Carvings, Custom Carvings, Kilts, Incense, Fragrances, Natural Remedies, Tinctures

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The idea for this website came from the various arts and crafts we found ourselves making. Lacy made natural solid perfumes from fragrance oils she found as an alternative to synthetic popular perfumes, and Michael carved into wood or soapstone for fun. We both found ourselves involved in making a kilt one day after finding suitable fabric. Most of the products on this website are things that we saw and wished to purchase, but found the original prices too expensive, or not quite personal enough. We also wanted to have handmade, natural options available rather than mass-produced, impersonal items. We put our own energy into making each and every item you purchase, so that you know it is not mass-produced or cheaply made. We are both college students living in Georgia with big dreams.


I am the resident kilt expert and in charge of carving runes, amulets and altar pieces in both wood and stone. I am 20 years old and in mu junior year of college. I am studying Anthropology with a minor in Religious studies. I plan to go to graduate school for Linguistics to teach and research ancient languages and ancient religious texts. I am very new to the pagan path but I am so glad to have found it. I was born into a Fundamentalist Independent Southern Baptist Church but my mother and I defected to the Catholic Church when I was rather young. I grew up as an off and on Catholic, going when it was time for sacrament. At 14 this changed again, I found a great mentor in the Church and threw myself full force into the Church. I even taught classes and mentored the youth but then the Church treated me with little respect and I was strong-armed out of my position.

I found myself 18 years old, abandoned my my Church and struggling for a path. I had always been interested in Eastern philosophies, Taoism and Buddhism in particular, and I had a deep connection to the Earth; however, it took Lacy to open my eyes to paganism.

Like Lacy, I also come from a Native American family, though I am not a registered tribe member. Family traditions have always dictated that I am descended from Cherokee tribes in North Georgia who avoided the Trail of Tears and from Wales. These two traditions have helped my decision choosing a direction in my path.

My Christian beliefs still remains enmeshed in my faith, even if I am falling out of practice, but Druidry, Native American beliefs and Asatru are combined to create my personal tradition but I remain open to every tradition and I collect something from every faith I study.


I'm in charge of our soaps, incense, perfumes, and kilts. I'm currently a 22 year old graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Justice Studies. I intend to eventually attend law school and become a defense attorney protecting civil rights and civil liberties. I recently finished an undergraduate thesis about religious discrimination against minority faiths in the United States judicial system.

I have been following a pagan tradition for around eight years now. I was raised in the South in a family that didn't go to church, but everyone is pretty much just assumed to be Christian. My mother's grandfather was a Reverend at a Pentecostal Holiness church in a different state, and I'd attended a handful of church meetings and revivals, and never really connected with it. I'd gone to my fair share of vacation bible schools over the summer, been saved more times than I could count, and even joined a Southern Baptist youth group in high school. However, I never really felt like it was the right path. As a small child, I grew up in the woods. I played all day long outside, and had to be dragged back in. I would pretend to be various animals, whether by myself or with others, and was very well read (for a small child) about plants, animals, and the earth. I was also very drawn to the moon, and in elementary and middle school, I always knew what phase the moon was that day. My family, though they did not attend church, was a hunting-based family, and as such, had a remarkable respect for the earth and its creatures. To my family, it was not about going out and killing animals, it was about sustaining oneself, about challenging oneself, using the resources at your disposal as well as your own skill.

I'm also from a very native american background- my mother's mother, my mother, and my sister and I are all actually Florida Muscogees (formerly Florida Eastern Creeks). I always found this fascinating, and strongly embraced my native american heritage. When I was around eleven years old, I decided to write a book about my belief system. It combined aspects of Christianity with my high regard for the moon and animals, a bit of astrology, and some stuff about energy. It was rather deep for an eleven-year-old, looking back! In high school, I ended up having to do a presentation on a world religion, with a teacher that challenged me to look at Wicca. I immediately found things that struck chords with me. I eventually moved past wicca to look at paganism in general, and over time worked my native american spirituality into celtic paganism, venturing at times into shamanism and hinduism. Though I've dropped my largely Christian background, I still have much respect for the paths others choose, knowing that we all are different people, and as such, have different beliefs- but at the same time, we have so many that are the same.

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    Our table at a First Friday. Michael is wearing his kilt- we do custom kilts in any tartan.

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    Michael and Lacy, happily married on June 23, 2012.

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    A close up of our table at a First Friday.

  • hornsofherne's Photo Gallery

    We've come a long way- this was our table at one of our first vendor spots at a music festival, back when we mostly did incense and jewelry.