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Chicago, Il, United States

Quick Blurb

I love the beauty of the Earth's gifts to us...her gemstones,metals and minerals,shells and pearls are truly inspiring


You never know what you may find in my studio,I just fell in love with lampwork Raku beads so you will be seeing some of my jewelry creations soon as well as items from my collection of vintage costume jewelry.

Skills and Techniques

My dream is to eventually offer all handmade items in my studio.I love the crystals and vintage jewelry and I am finding new inspiration as a member of Artfire.I also want to put my skills as a dental lab technician and my attention to detail to use designing my own jewelry,WOW,I have more ideas than time but it is all coming together for me now.

Find me online @:

http://willowsidiom.etsy.com http://www.waggintails_cafe.artf… http://www.cottonclub.artfire.co… http://www.59ruemarame.blogspot.…

Get to Know

I grew up under the shade of folktales and superstitions,tales from my Irish Grandparents entertained us Grandchildren with endless stories.Tales of mermaids,unicorns,ghosts and all other sorts of mystical beings was an endless source of entertainment.We kept busy for hours by hunting four leaf clovers because they were to bring all sorts of good luck to us,what excitement we felt when we found one.These memories of forgotten times have settled into my soul and I have always known that objects,especially handmade ones held magic.The idea that objects can hold blessings,wishes, hope,inspiration,energy and healing is not new to me.Thanks to the wonderful lessons I learned from my Parents and Grandparents,my view of the world has always been tinted with magic.

I am a Dental Laboratory Technical Specialist and a collector of beads and gemstones as well as vintage jewelry.If there is something special you are looking for always feel free to contact me by email. Thank you for taking the time to visit my studio.

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