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Fayetteville, GA, United States

Quick Blurb

I take pleasure in creating things that are as beautiful and last as long as the stars in the night.




glass crafts

candle crafts


doll making

Skills and Techniques

wire wrapping

bead stringing


doll making

creating glass scenery

pottery decorating

Get to Know

I grew up in the beautiful state of Vermont. I was perpetually surrounded by seasonal colors; the green shades of spring, the multitude of flowers in the summer, the amazing fall foliage, and the dazzling white of a snow-covered ground in winter. I learned how to sew and crochet from my Mom.

My husband introduced me to gemstones through the jewelry he bought me. I soon became enamoured with their colors. Of course, with a last name of "Silver", I just had to learn how to make jewelry with silver accents and wire wrap with silver.

As I started learning about making jewely, other crafts also caught my eye. I love putting together eye-catching colors. I love things that sparkle and things related to nature. I also tend to be rather philosophical sometimes on my items because each one has meaning to me and I hope to share that with you.