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Kansas City, Missouri, United States

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I'm your friendly neighborhood designer, enthusiast, collector, and lover; traveling from coast to coast, north to south, from the Midwest to Hawaii and the East Coast, picking up inspiration and ideas to create an original piece for you and only you, to suit your every style, for any season or occasion.

I'm a student going to school for Architecture, Art, and Italian; although I also write fiction and non-fiction, and speak Spanish.

I love what I do, and I take great care in every aspect to ensure that you love it as well. I also appreciate your time, so if there's any questions, concerns, or comments please let me know.

"Helping others is just as important as being helped."

-- Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, writer, speaker and renowned businessman.

I desire to help others as much as they help me, or are as they are in need. As you or someone else is receiving your purchase as a gift, at the same time you are also giving a gift, by means of donation, to the cause, charity, or organization of your choice when you purchase any item from my shop. With any item purchased I will donate 35% or the minimum of $5.00 of the profit to the cause of your choice through which is a non-profit organization that has over 1,000,000 charities, causes, and organizations listed. makes it uncomplicated and effortless to heighten charitable giving to causes you are most concerned about.

Not certain, or aware of exactly, of which organization you'd like your contribution to be donated to? Just let me know who, or what you're passionate about by sending me a message, and I'll help you choose, or choose the closest matching cause, charity, or organization in any country, city, or state you choice. Examples are: hunger, elderly with cancer, endangered animals, children with diabetes, homeless children and families, pollution, disaster relief, preventing crime, marine environmental issues, etc.

If this encourages you, and you feel passionately about donating in larger amounts, volunteering your time, or giving a donation card as a gift to a friend, colleague, or family member so they can donate as well, please feel free to contact or donate directly though

What is being contributed through my shop may seem small, but on a whole, the contributions are making enormous changes each day, making lives better for someone or something else.

Thank you for your gift, and I hope you enjoy mine!