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Since I can remember myself, my father had a hobby.. to make anything you can imagine by using leather and fur. It was an ability that I always admired and wanted to learn. As the years passed by, I was sitting next to him for hours, observing him and asking about everything. Step by step I can say I learned his craft and started making stuff using leather by myself.

To be honest, the encouragement of my friends was the key that made me turn my hobby into a way of living. So I decided to take the first step and I believe that ETSY is the best place to do it.

My hometown, Kastoria (Greece) is one of the most known cities regarding the excellent quality of leather and fur. Most of our suppliers are based in Greece and all the raw materials used to make our products come from local producers and not from large slaughterhouses. We are trying to be strictly Eco-aware, so everything me and my father make, is totally handmade, using selected pieces of materials . Our main objective is for everything we make to be comfortable and warm at the same time, to last as much as possible and to be modern and traditional at the same time.
In my opinion, leather is one of the finest, most versatile materials of our natural resources. It has been used since the beginning of mankind and will continue to do so for the years to come.

Thanks for visiting, and if you have any comments or suggestion please send us an e-mail. Take a look and enjoy!