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Albuquerque, NM, United States

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Original handpainted collectable glass ornaments, and stained glass creations. Custom orders welcome.


painting ornaments,designing & making stained glass ,painting glass, making unique creations, photography, sewing,quilting,crocheting, knitting,woodwork,plants,birds,animals, nature, art nouveau,art deco,my kids, my grandchildren.

Skills and Techniques

Painting w/a variety of mediums. Crocheting, photography, sewing, designing,stained glass, woodworking,beading, saving & recycling anything that might be useful......

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Get to Know

Hi, Im Kris, creator of "lisianblue" - which comes from the listhianthus flower, which is one of my favorites, especially the blue - So I changed the listhianthus to lisian and added blue to come up lisianblue! I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Creating has always been my strongest ability.

ORNAMENTS - Each hand painted ornament is a unique creation and will never be reproduced. I mostly use the silver paint lined ornaments, removing the original outer paint before I start painting. All ornaments are painted a little at a time to allow the paint to dry so I can handle another portion. Most ornaments have 3 - 5 layers of paint, allowing 24hrs drying time between layers.Taking care of the ornaments is easy - Wipe clean with soft damp cloth if needed. Please do not submerge silver paint lined ornaments in water (or anything else), - it will damage the lining.

GLASSWARE - All painted glassware is washable in the dishwasher or by hand. I have glassware I painted 6+ years ago that gets washed frequently in the dishwasher and it still looks great.

STAINED GLASS - An occasional cleaning and then polishing with a liquid car wax will help keep glass clean and the solder shiny.

Questions? Send me a message - I answer all messages as quickly as I can.See something you like, but want it in a different color? It may not be exactly the same - but close! Have a design or idea of your own? Send me a message, I'm happy to do custom designs.

I own a rather finicky 12 yr old cat who doesn't paint, doesn't help me pack, heck he doesn't even chase mice, but I love him anyway.

Picture is of me and my newest granddaughter. March 2011

Thank you for visiting my studio and have a wonderful day.

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    Jaz cat in my light box.

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    Love Hummingbirds.

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    and roses