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We do any sort of customization as we have a expert team of Skilled Artists ready to perform all sort of jobs given by our customers.
We have done work on several customized projects like Houses, Business Offices, Family Coat Of Arms ,etc all around the world in countries like United States Of America, Europe, Etc.

Skills and Techniques

Today, Indian Marble Inlay Craft or Parchin kari is one of the most attractive and popular forms of art on the subcontinent. Techniques have remained virtually unchanged and to this day everything is created exclusively by hand. The long and detailed process requires great artistry, patience and precision. Therefore only experienced masters of the art are able to produce high quality pieces.
The Ustad or Master Craftsman carefully plans a design, which is etched lightly into the marble surface and later scored out with an iron chisel. Many of the tools of the trade are basically the same as those used by the Mughals hundreds of years ago. He then decides on the colour scheme depending on the requirements of piece being created. Semi-precious stones and gems are expertly chosen to give just the right graduation in colour and shade for the overall radiance of the pattern. They are shaped and polished by means of an emery wheel. Sometimes heat treatment is applied to certain stones to get a shading effect.
The effort involved in making just one single flower can often take days of work, depending on the detail; it is not unusual to be designed from hundreds of different slices of stone. There are many varieties of coloured stone available for utilisation in marble inlay work: malachite, cornelian, jasper, mother of pearl, abalone shell, lapis lazuli, agnate, coral, turquoise and tiger eye to name just a few. The grooves are filled with their precisely corresponding shapes of coloured stone and secured in place with a white putty made from oil, lead oxide and wax. Once the design is completely dry, the piece is polished with a mixture of sand, water and emery paper to give a shiny smooth finish.

Ensuring that all our marble pieces are of the highest standard workmanship, the Ustad checks them thoroughly before they are found on display in our collection or packaged carefully and on their way to you.

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Get to Know

We are the manufacturer of hand-made Marble Artefacts inlaid with semi precious stones. We are retailer & exporter of Hand-made artefacts like Marble Inlay Table Tops, Marble Inlay Flower Vases, Marble Inlay Boxes, Marble Inlay Plates & Tiles, Marble Inlay Elephants, Marble Inlay Coaster Sets and many more.

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