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Berkeley, CA, United States

Quick Blurb

My name is Meagan and I love to draw!


I love pens, ink, books, antiques, paper, maps, treasure, dogs, backpacking, brushes, tastes, touches, sounds, sights, smells, bookcases, bicycles, kids, summer camp, silly hats, board games, playground games, fuzzy socks, and cooking.

Skills and Techniques

I am too obsessed with learning to be satisfied with any one medium! Although I have spent the most time drawing with pen and ink, I'm equally at home with paint, paper crafts, printmaking, photography and digital media, not to mention the stuff found in the recycle bin or junk drawer.

Get to Know

I grew up in the vibrant green beauty of Sonoma, CA. I spent most of my childhood reading and drawing, stopping occasionally to catch tadpoles and drive imaginary teams of oxen along the Oregon Trail. I took my first art class as an undergraduate at Azusa Pacific University, and subsequently changed my major from teaching to Studio Art. I am lucky enough to continue my education and creation in many ways as an artist, teacher, writer and summer camp director.

About the Faith Outreach Kids: In 2009 I spent six weeks in India, traveling and volunteering with a group of other young people. We spent three of those weeks at the school and children's home started by John and Della Bridge in Jharsuguda, Orissa, India ( I was hooked, and immediately started planning my return. Two years later, in September of 2011, I came back and spent three months teaching art to over 600 amazing kids, and I have gone back every year since then. The students grow in skill and creativity at an astounding rate, despite minimal materials and facilities. The results of their hard work are here in the store for you to enjoy. If you'd like to learn more, including what art lessons we did and how to count to 10 in Oriya, check out the blog!

About the Endpapers series: The Endpapers were born out frustration. I had no formal art training prior to college, and struggled to find a home for my whimsical style amongst the other students' more "serious" work. After many hours of unsuccessfully trying to turn fairy tales into angsty paintings, I gave up and went to visit a friend in San Diego for a few days. To pass the time while she was in class, I sat out in the sun and drew whatever I felt like for two hours. I ended up with a pretty bad drawing of an old man, a dog, and a tiny little bug. The whole paper was covered in ink except for this little chunk in the upper right corner. I wrote in, "And they all lived happily ever after," to fill the space. Then, since there was a little more room, I added, "Even Jasper." All of a sudden my mediocre drawing took on new meaning! Who was Jasper? Why "even" him? What had happened here between this man and dog and bug? Clearly this was the end of a story--but what story? 70 Endpapers later, there are still plenty of stories to tell! I would love to hear yours.

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