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Blackburn South, Victoria, Australia

Quick Blurb

I have always created things and now take great joy in creating unusual crystals within a sterling or 14k gold wire wrap.


Crystals, wire wrapping

Skills and Techniques

Wire wrapping, still learning and it's a constant joy.

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Get to Know

The description of gemstones that most appeals to me is that they are "part of the earth's DNA". Even if you feel they don't have any special metaphysical properties, I am sure you will agree with me that they have an enduring quality and beauty.

I just love wire wrapping and it's a constant delight to see how things turn out.

My site, has more information on gemstone meanings and zodiac birthstones.

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    Rose Quartz angel with rainbow Moonstone

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    Aura crystal wire wrap

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    My beautiful view across the mountains.