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Frisco, Texas, United States

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Welcome to My Little Angel Co. This is the chic one-stop Baby Boutique for all of the little precious angels.


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Welcome to my Little Angel Co!

Know someone who is having a baby? Don't let this opportunity to save time, gas and the frustration of shopping for a Baby Shower get away from you.

I have a full-service Baby Shower Boutique so let me take care of you in providing an absolutely precious and thoughtful, yet also practical gift that will delight the mother-to-be. Or if you are giving a shower then let me provide heavenly centerpieces, decorations, and favors that also

Get to Know

Welcome to My Little Angel Co. where creativity is a must! These cakes and other items are perfect for baby showers, gifts for the hospital room, to welcome baby home, newly adopted babies, corporate gifts, or for the baby\\\\\\\'s 1st birthday. Diapers are always welcome at any time. I love what I do and put a lot of time and attention into everything so please read about what I have to offer.

Diaper cakes have become a contemporary, unique, \\\\\\\"MUST HAVE\\\\\\\" shower item. If you are searching for a QUALITY diaper cake that is sure to impress everyone at the baby shower, YOU DON\\\\\\\'T NEED TO LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE! Your gift will be the talk of the shower and the mom-to-be will be so grateful. There is one simple fact that can\\\\\\\'t be overlooked: EVERYONE NEEDS DIAPERS!!! My cakes make great gifts or centerpieces at the shower. I have many other items for baby showers so please check them out! Including: Undecorated diaper cakes to do yourself, baby\\\\\\\'s 1st birthday cakes, diaper cupcakes, baby sock corsages and bouquets, washcloth lollipops and candies for favors, diaper bassinets, gift baskets, diaper wreaths or announcement wreaths for hospital doors, towel cakes for wedding showers and bachelorette parties!!!

My cakes contain premium Pampers Swaddlers which are the diapers most used in the hospital and I have cakes to fit any amount you want to spend.
My cakes are carefully designed to incorporate the baby items into the cake, so it still looks like an actual cake, and are then finished elegantly around the whole cake with coordinating ribbons, which also serve the important purpose of holding everything in its place. I like to put the majority of the products inside the cake rather than fastened to the outside, so they don\\\\\\\'t detract from the appearance of the cake. A gift/ingredient card will be provided to let everyone know exactly what is in the cake. This card includes a \\\\\\\"To:\\\\\\\" and \\\\\\\"From\\\\\\\" line, so no need for another card. The gift recipient will have a complete list of everything they received from you as their gift. All of the included items are removed from the boxes, and the tags, labels, stickers, etc. are removed by me when placing the items in or on the cake. Every item is guaranteed to be BRAND NEW, NIP, NIB, NWT or newly handmade by reputable people that I have dealt with before! I prefer to use cellophane because it is biodegradable but if you prefer a tulle wrapping or organza bag I can accommodate you for a small extra charge.