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Westerville, OH, United States


Soap making, gardening, community theater, knitting, cross-stitching, farmers' markets, sustainable living

Get to Know

Hello! My name is Krista. I became interested in all-natural bath and body care products about 10 years ago and my interest have grown ever since. I make soaps using the cold-process method and specialize in goat milk soaps.

I use only natural products in my soap making. I use only essential oils and essential oil blends, and many of the soaps I make are fragrance-free. I often experiment with different soap recipes and combinations, so I will always have different soaps in my studio.

I really enjoy using fresh goat milk in my soap making. My goat milk supplier milks a number of Nubians which provide the most cream-rich milk goats can provide. Great for soaps!

I also practice green living, both for my business and in my home. In my home, I practice composting and recycling. I have a community garden plot and "garden for Victory"! I purchase all of my soap making equipment and products from Ohio companies, in support of the local economy. I also attempt to buy and use 100% recycled materials whenever possible (all paper products used for Nature's Honey are 100% recycled!)