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I have been involved with textiles for as long as i can remember.I weave, dye, stitch, silkscreen and needlefelt.


textiles and textile design,surface design,dyeing, weaving needle felting, stitching, animation,fabric printing, fractals, Japanese culture,literature, languages, food and gardening.

Skills and Techniques

i work in different areas of textiles designing,dyeing and weaving scarves and shawls in natural fibers.i keep experimenting using new textile materials and turning them into contemporary wearable jewelry. In another facet of my work i create art pieces for exhibitions.

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Get to Know

i come from a family of women with a strong textile tradition. Both my great grandmother and grandmother crocheted and worked in pulled thread.My mother sewed and crocheted so i grew up among fabrics, needles and threads. I tried my hand at batik after getting my college degree in Literature, but somehow i was not passionate about it. Then some years later during a visit to Mexico i encountered the Indians and their weaving and felt i had reached home. Weaving has been my lifelong passion and the door to fiber related pursuits. Over the years i have branched out to other textile related crafts such as dyeing, silk screening,stitching and needle felting.And most recently i've been teaching myself how to use a knitting machine. i instantly saw many possibilities in needlefelting and the studio was taken over by fleece. Many brooches later and as a result, i decided to open shop in Artfire to market my line of brooches. From brooches i developed pendants and from pendants came necklaces and pretty soon there will be yet another line of jewelry. Designing is part of the fun and the challenge. My aim is to create original,unique pieces that will make the wearer feel special because she's wearing a one of a kind item. My commitment to one offs means that i do not repeat designs therefore the pieces will not be found in any other place. I continue exploring new materials and creative ways to use them. Life is too short for all i want to learn.

Bio Photo Gallery

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    A hand woven hand dyed scarf designed by me.

  • nekidesu's Photo Gallery

    This piece was exhibited in the Hungarian textile triennial on July 09.It's part of a series of 15 works called Strata.

  • nekidesu's Photo Gallery

    Part of the Lace series, a tribute to my mother in law.

  • nekidesu's Photo Gallery

    Silk shawl, original design