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Eureka Springs, AR, United States

Quick Blurb

Original Modern Abstract Art and Wall Sculptures: Sometimes Psychedelic, Sometimes Spiritual, Always Cool


Abstract Art, Wall Sculptures, Healing Art, Energy Art, Reiki, Chakra Art, Pendants, Brooches, Nudes, Energy People, Auras, Three Dimensional Art, Psychedelic Art, Contemporary Home Decor, Original paintings, Visionary Art, Digital Photography, Gimp

Skills and Techniques

Woodworking, Brush Painting, Design, Airbrush, Impasto, Intuitive Painting, Digital Photography, Photo Manipulation

Get to Know

Some might say I'm a hippie, some might say I'm a hillbilly. I would say I'm an artsy/spiritual/farm girl type with some hippie and hillbilly artsy hippiebilly. I've been a self employed artist since the 1980's. I had a fulltime job once but I like being able to stay barefoot and hanging out with the animals in my paint stained comfy clothes all day and employers seem to frown on that for some reason. I've had drawings and paintings on walls since I was about five years old, and have always gotten encouragement to make art, although the "elders" thought it should be a hobby and not a career. I got my bachelors degree from Kansas State University in art education, but I pursued making a living as an artist instead of teaching, much to the dismay of the "elders". I've been able to survive all these years although there have been times when I've fit the description of starving artist. (Ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, yum.) I've done art shows, wholesale, retail, consignment, galleries, and renting space in malls. Several years ago, I got bored with canvas and started cutting shapes out of wood to paint on. Then I got bored with plain flat wood and started layering pieces together. Now I'm into circles, curves, free-style shapes, rays, whatever floats my boat, and crazy bright colors and patterns with lots of layering and elevation. You know, super cool stuff. There's alot of woodworking involved which isn't my favorite thing to do, (especially the sanding...all that dust...ack) however the sculptural quality of layering wood is part of what makes my designs unique. The designing is really fun, and the painting is super fun. I get inspiration from anything and everything. My latest interest is photography and digital manipulation. My intention is to create groovy unique and original art that at times is psychedelic eye candy but other times is a tool that can be used for transformation and healing. I infuse all of my images and jewelry with healing Reiki energy. To see a definition of Reiki and my background as an energy worker, go to the Blog tab at the top of the page. Thanks for looking and have an awesome day.

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