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Addison, TX, United States

Quick Blurb

Feel free to poke around. You never know what will show up next. It all depends on what Serendipity sends our way...


paper, paint, polymer and paper clays, metal, fiber, wood, stone, glass, cat whiskers, dryer lint, interesting rusty bits, bones

Skills and Techniques

Laser cut doll furniture and accessories, Jewelry (beads, wire, set stones, etc.), Fiber(spin, weave, knit, crochet, sew, lace, costuming, pattern drafting, digital fabric printing), paper arts (cutting, folding, miniature books, mixed media), miniature paintings (watercolor, oil, acrylic, mixed media), Resin Doll modifications, etc.

Get to Know

Quirky, Bohemian, A Maker of Things. My favorite toy as a child was a (large, rather grubby) lump of modeling clay.

As an alleged adult, my Art has ranged from traditional painting on traditional media to Art Dolls, handspun yarns to historical and fantasy costuming, beadwork in every technique published (still don't like Dutch Spiral!), polymer clay to metalworking, papermaking to mini-books.

Unwilling to focus on a single medium, I have decided to revel in all of them, to the benefit of all (I hope!)

I am an optimist who sees the glass as completely full, it's just half air! This is the Universe I choose to live in. I would like to share that wonderful Universe with you. The colors are brighter, the flowers sweeter, the bees don't sting nearly as often, and there's room for everyone. Right now the stars are twinkling ever so nicely. Won't you join me?