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Anchorage, AK, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to my shop of quirky, whimsical creations. If you are interested in a special order, please contact me!


Laughing, painting, drawing, reading, playing with my nieces and nephews, daydreaming, spending time with family and friends, and so much more!

Skills and Techniques

Drawing and painting. My favorite mediums are oils, acrylics, and pencil. But I lvoe to experiment!

Find me online @:

http://www.quirkydame.com http://www.facebook.com/quirkyda… http://www.twitter.com/quirkydd http://quirkydame.etsy.com

Get to Know

Hello! My name is Julie Behm and I am the artist behind Quirky Dame Designs. You can call me Julie, Jewels or even Quirky. :) I love laughter, color and whimsical things. I'm a bookworm and always have my Kindle, as well as my sketchpad and iPhone, with me wherever I go. Art is my therapy and brings me great joy.

Since childhood, two of my greatest joys have been my art and imagination. I would spend hours, crayon in hand, creating the people and worlds that inhabited my imagination, seeing them come to life on the pages before me. I strive to do that very same thing now with a paintbrush and canvas. I use both oils and acrylics to create images that are colorful, fun, and whimsical, often with a spark of humor or quirkiness.

I took my first art class as a child and have continued to pursue lessons throughout my life, including classes while I attended college. I have continued to educate myself by taking workshops with local artists. I love learning and am always seeking to go beyond my best with each piece I create.

I have a Zazzle shop where you can buy various products featuring my paintings such as note cards, mugs, magnets, tote bags and so much more. I add new products every week. You can find it at http://www.zazzle.com/quirkydame.

To be informed of new products, sales and promotions here at Quirky Dame Designs and also the other sites where I sell artwork, please visit my fan page on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/quirkydamedesigns. To follow Quirky Dame Designs on Twitter, please go to http://www.twitter.com/quirkydd I am a participating artist for the Art-o-mat project (http://www.artomat.org.) They are recycled cigarette vending machines that vend miniature pieces of art the size of a pack of cigarettes. They have over 90 machines located in the US and several other countries. I use only quality products for my paintings, including professional artist paints and I carefully package each painting to minimize the chances of damage during the shipping process. I do hope that you enjoy visiting my shop and please come back again, as I will be updating it with new paintings and products as they are complete. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you! I also welcome custom requests.

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