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Florence, Al, United States

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Find handcrafted copper jewelry here!


jewelry design,copper beads, color, pearls,

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Skills and Techniques

jewelry design, wire wrapping, beading, chaining, metal smithing, cold forge

Get to Know

Welcome to galore' jewelry!

As u can see, I LOVE COLOR!!!! And my jewelry can be found in all wonderful colors as you can imagine!

All items are hand crafted by me. These pieces will incorporate turquoise, amythest, opal, peridot, coral, jade, jasper, citrine, amber, pearl, quartz, and many others.

I wire wrap most of my jewelry in solid copper wire or sterling silver or gold filled wire.

The Copper Wire:

The copper wire is glossy and shiny, but will patina like copper normally does. This wire is natural and has not been treated with a coating to keep it tarnish free, though it is highly polished and glossy. If you want to maintain it's bright appearance, just dip into a vinegar/salt solution of about 1/2 c. vinegar and a teaspoon of salt mixed together. This is an affordable, safe, Earth-friendly copper cleaner that works wonders! You can also let it patina naturally until it becomes a nice chocolate caramel walnut color - yum!

The Gold Filled Wire:

Filled or Plated: What's the difference?

Filled is created by bonding or "welding" a layer of precious metal to a base metal core, in this case copper. This is achieved by using heat and pressure. Filled pieces have approximately a 50-100x greater thickness of the precious metal than a plated item.

Plating is created using an electro-chemical process, a layer of precious metal is applied to a base metal by means of electroplating. This layer is usually quite thin, only a few microns. There are no industry standards to govern the quantity of precious metal used. Over-vigorous cleaning can remove the layer of plating. The wear factor of plating can also be influenced by climate conditions and the person wearing the item.

I use gold filled wire.

Sterling Silver Wire:

This is solid sterling silver wire and it will tarnish. I've found that this wire will clean and shine back with a little amount of joy soapy water(no bleach) and lett the jewelry soak in this for a few minutes, then rinse. I've been using this method for 15 years and it seems to do go for me. You can even put freshwater pearls in this solution for a quick wash and rinse, don't leave them overnite.

Most gemstones can be cleaned also in this solution of soapy water. Just don't leave your jewelry pieces in long. Just dip and rinse and dry well. Your glassy gems can stay a bit longer if need, they will bring back a great shine. Most of your turquoise can handle a good cleaning as well. Just be sure not to leave them in the solution long. Dip and rub with your fingers and then rinse and take out to dry well, terry cloth does great.

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