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Badung, Bali, Indonesia

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We strongly committed to help income people for generating livelihoods, by providing employment and income opportunities, and marketing their products. We deeply consider it as a way to support the survival of traditional craft and our local artisans who have been contributing their time, effort, creativity and passion in creating these wonderful handicrafts. Our participation in exposing the art works to the world has generated and woken up many young artisans to develop their talent and creativity to preserve the valuable artwork. It has been helping family and children of the village to support their daily needs and education. Here is what we are doing with our beaded baskets in supporting the local school children, especially to the ones who are coming from the poor family in our local villages. We are still focusing on our local villages as we are very limited with fund but it is very possible that we are going to expand our program to other villages on the island of Bali or even to the neighboring islands when we will be lucky enough to have enough funds to do that in the future. We are more concern into education as it seems that it is the only way to make this country better. There are so many kids are not that fortunate to continue their studies because their parents are just a rice farmers who are not producing much but it is just enough to feed the family or at most cases that it doesn't even enough for that reason, so they really have no way to send their kids to school for a higher level. And meanwhile, Education is not completely free in our country. Some of our kids here, have a very big dreams like other kids around the globe, and because of their dreams, they do not mind to use their time after school to do something to allow them to make some money to help for their studies.