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Jacksonville, FL, United States


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custom sewing pattern drafting hand embroidery knitting crochet

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Sewing is my passion! I've been sewing since the age of 5, taught by my mom, dad and grandmothers. By the time I was 10, I was sewing for other people. Most teenagers babysat for pocket money-I sewed instead. Shastababy came about because every time I made myself something new, somebody would want one too. After much consideration, my online studio was opened.

About my banner

Maybe a little hard to see, but those are real honest to goodness wooden spools with the original thread still intact from my grandmother's sewing box. The shears are the Weiss shears Gramma used and then wiped down with an oiled cloth and put back in the box. Her tape measure and a ruler from the local grade school are there too. The ruler has the school calendar printed on it-for the school year 1935-36. I love that since my Gramma sewed that I can include her personal sewing tools in my banner. Kind of a link back to her.

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    My favorite machine! it's great to have a nice view of my neighbors' yards while I work too!

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