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Great Falls, MT, United States

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As of January 1, 2013, our shop has moved to;

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Woodworking, gardening, fishing

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I design and hand craft toys, canes and other wood items and sell them on the internet. I was born 62 years ago, right here in Montana. My Dad was a master carpenter and cabinet maker, who taught me all I know about woodworking. I spent over 40 years working with wood, as a hobbyist, carpenter, cabinet maker, and independent remodeling contractor. You might say I've got sawdust in my blood. (My wife says it's in my socks). In the last few years, a series of back problems, broken bones and a minor stroke landed me in a wheelchair and thinking I may never be able to do any woodworking again. But I am back on my feet and back in the shop. I am no longer able to do any heavy work, but I'm sure having fun designing and making my line of toys and smaller items. My favorite pass time is making realistic toy tools and appliances for the little ones. Another item that is very popular is my line of walking canes. I have three different handgun shaped designs and now I have to carry extra canes in my car because people want to buy the one I'm using out from under me. Thanks again for dropping by. I hope to be adding new items soon, so be sure to check back often.