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Meldrim, Georgia, United States

Quick Blurb

I believe that uniformity and conformity are overrated, in the value of the individual and in the humanity of art.


God, religion, arts, crafts, jewelry, personal adornment, wearable art, beads, words, stories, books, reading, poetry, collections, culture, food, animals, nature-- the world around us!

Skills and Techniques

stringing, beadweaving and wireworking

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Get to Know

Handcrafted jewelry is collaborative and connective. It connects the maker of the beads, with the maker of the piece, with the person who chooses that piece to say something about themselves, even through time and space.

--a short personal history--

I'm a self-taught artist in the Deep South near Savannah Georgia. When I'm not working I'm reading or drinking something hot while I cuddle my furred or feathered friends. Whatever I'm doing I carry with me a love of the art of personal adornment, a fascination with its history and an anticipation of its future.

I fell in love with beads during a crisis. The beadbox was therapy and since then I've made this my full-time job and branched from strung pieces into beadweaving and wire-working. I'm ever intrigued by what adornment evokes in us and says about us.

thebeadedlily is a play on the phrase 'guild the lily', meaning 'to adorn unnecessarily' (isn't all adornment unnecessary? and yet somehow vital to our mental well-being?) and my favorite medium-- beads-- with a reference to my personal identity in the form of my middle name.

I believe that uniformity and conformity are overrated, in the value of the individual and in the humanity of art.

--my work--

-Stringing is my first love and is all about the beads.

-Beadweaving is my labor intensive celebration of the art of creating and wearing jewelry.

-Wirework is my exploration of the most ancient forms of jewelry.

I stand by my work with my Pure Pleasure Promise:

There is a debt of gratitude owed to all of my wonderful friends and collectors who offer encouragement and inspiration with comments like:

"Completely Divine!! I'm so very blessed to have this treasure...Love it. Sarah are one very talented artist and it is always a Joy to wear your creations. Many, Many Thanks!!"

"I don't know where I would ever find the extraordinary nose jewelry anywhere but from thebeadedlily. I now have a collection of her artwork for my piercing. The bejeweled nose ring is stunningly lovely and fun! Also - big plus - FAST shipping!"

"Simply gorgeous pieces of work, exactly what I've come to expect from this seller. Wonderfully packaged, great communication and very fast shipping. This is what keeps bringing me back for more from this particular seller, here and elsewhere!"

" *love* my Lake Michigan slag necklace! It's dreamy and powerful. The african powder glass trade beads and all the other rare beauties you brought together in this necklace resonate with me deeply. The slag is developing a patina that deepens with each wearing, rendering the translucent indigo blue magical as the midnight sky. I love your hand-rendered sterling silver slide/jump-ring and hook clasp. Blessings & namaste :-)"

--contact information--

I hope you enjoy browsing thebeadedlily:)

Contact me:

thebeadedlily [at]


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    Rip kitty. I brought him home from Egypt after a 9 month stay. He's . . . intense.

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    Bead organization!

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    Isn't there some adage about a disorganized home being a product of a disorganized mind? If there isn't there should be.

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    My favorite necklace. I wear it allllllll of the time!