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Stewartville, MN, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to The Crazy Elephant! We love keeping God's green earth a little greener and working with our fantastic customers!


reusable cloth pads, earth friendly, menstrual pads, panty liners, nursing pads, hankies, tissues, green earth, marble mazes

Skills and Techniques

Between us, we have a lot of skills. While The Crazy Elephant is devoted mostly to earth friendly items (knit or sewn), we also do fine art, digital art and photo touch up work.

Find me online @:…!/thecrazyel…

Get to Know

Adam and I went to school for media arts and animation. After we got married we started Morgan Media our small animation company online. We have done advertisements for .tv and Acer laptops. When we had our son, Jayne, our animation time went down to 0 and we started creating things just for him. It started with the burpcloths for me. I designed them based on one I got a a gift, but adjusted it to work better for me. Many people asked where I got them and I told them that I made them. Then I started to get orders from people for them. Adam started by making Jayne the cutest little knit bear hat. That was just as popular.

Then, in August 2009, a friend of ours recomended that we sell our artwork on etsy. I thought of the success I had with the burp cloths when Jayne was a baby and decided to give it a shot. We opened The Crazy Elephant shortly after, at the end of August 2009. The shop is named after Jayne, who loved elephants and spent many hours stomping around the house (he was 2 when we started). The things that we made for him we made for the shop. We wanted to use up the larger scraps from our other projects and our pad lines were born! Now we are almost exclusively pads.

We love being able to team up to create and the fact that our products help others make it that much better! We have had the opportunity to help with our shop as well since our opening by donating to cancer patients, diabetes research, and cloth pads for women in Uganda.

We look forward to our continued growth and someday being a stay at home family all working together.