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Grass Valley , CA, United States

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The Wood Butcher works with reclaimed wood that would otherwise be in a landfill because he would rather put it to good use t


Up cycle, recycle, reclaim, bowls, wood, wooden, redwood, cedar, maple.

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The Wood Butcher engages in a great form of recycling and upcycling. He stated that he began working with reclaimed wood "that would otherwise end up in a landfill" because he would "rather put it to good use than see it go to waste." He further stated that his primary material for projects is wood and that "I find wood to be my favorite material." Currently, items in the shop are made with a variety of reclaimed wood including cedar, redwood, and maple.

When asked about his creative process, The Wood Butcher indicated that he incorporates the following:

"Generally, I know what I want to end up with (i.e a bowl, vase, cup). I typically will take a piece from the very rough (block or split log form) and round it. Then I usually end up turning off the machine and just looking at the grain pattern, knots etc, for awhile until I start to see a shape that works. I have tried to "plan out" exactly what I want and that usually doesn't work out too well." The Wood Butcher indicated that three of his favorite items are the Reclaimed Large Shallow Cedar Bowl bowl made from a piece of a cedar log.

When asked about other information that he would like to share, The Wood Butcher provided a great outlook about trying new things by stating:

"I've been a wood worker for a long time (over 20 years) but am new to wood turning. I think I found the aspect of wood working that suits me best...took me long enough huh? :) I guess, don't be afraid to try new approaches to what you love to do."

In addition, you can work with The Wood Butcher shop on custom orders to create a unique piece that you have in mind. He indicated that "if someone knows generally what they want, I'd be willing to work with them to narrow it down and make it. I also do outdoor furniture, kids furniture, etc. I have a couple of other guys I have done some work with that can provide items for custom orders as well. One is a metal worker/artist who could make a bowl stand, for instance, to display a piece."

In addition, The Wood Butcher indicated that "10% of my net sales for the month of February will be donated to the Hands & Feet project for children in Haiti."

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