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Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Quick Blurb

I am in love with animals. My greatest blessing is to be able to work for them and save lives! Join me, you'll be addicted.


Saving animals and nature, needlework, recycling

Skills and Techniques

Applique, Japanese sashiko, embroidery (with unique style!), aquarel painting, hand printing

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Get to Know

Whiskers' Syndicate is a private animal sanctuary in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

As a breeder capital of the nation, Bandung is overflowing with unwanted animals of all breeds, and the stray management is often, if not always, too gruesome to be true.

More sadly, the self appointed "big nation" has no animal welfare law, and conservation efforts are tainted by fearless corruption.

In the wake of such disaster, we are compelled to give our best effort in becoming the suffering animals' best friend, the way they have been man's best friends.

Consisting totally of volunteers who dig into their own pockets for the sanctuary's living, The Syndicate is now attempting our craft, in the hope of reaching out to good people around the world to support our operation.

All of the merchandise shown here is handmade from 100% scrap. We use our Whiskraft to enchant those scrap and give them new purpose, meaning no two pieces are ever alike in fabric and texture. Fillers are also eco-friendly.

We hope you like our genuine artwork, or better yet, touched by the hope each of these items carries for a better life for Indonesian animals.

Every purchase you make through our storefront will help bring support to the unfortunate strays on the streets of Indonesia.

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    Boo's owner took him to a vet clinic and said Boo is sick, leaving $2 as a down payment, and never return. As result Boo has live as a hostage in the clinic for 6 months, never to go out of the cage until I came across his news and bail him up. This picture is taken 2 months after he went home with me.

  • whiskerssyndicate's Photo Gallery

    Rexie II was found dragging both his hind legs on the street. It took me 4 months to get him back on all four, and this picture is taken when he first got courage to jump.

  • whiskerssyndicate's Photo Gallery

    Dusty was saved from the street by local security guard, who then notice me to take him in. He was blind and skin and bone before. This picture was taken 6 months after he first join the Whiskers Syndicate

  • whiskerssyndicate's Photo Gallery

    Jan was run over by a car and left to die, but he survived the crash although with twisted leg.