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Dungloe, Co Donegal Southern Ireland, Ireland

Quick Blurb

Hi, my name is Sharon and I love to write poems and verse. My pen name is Ronnie Wild.


Knitting, Crocheting, rug making, cross-stitch, tapestry, poetry, music

Skills and Techniques

Knitting, crocheting, poetry

Get to Know

A bit about me
I\'m a forty something crafter who likes to try anything creative. I used to live in England but moved to Southern Ireland in 2008 for a less stressful way of life. Throughout my life I have dabbled with most arts and crafts, from singing, playing musical instruments, writing, painting; in fact you name it and I\'ve probably tried it at some point.

I have always been interested in the written word. As a child I was always reading, visiting my local libraries, copywriting from books and magazines and writing in a secret diary. I think fate stepped in early as I am now a Qualified Librarian. I don\'t write all the time as I have many passions in my life including Knitting, Crocheting, Reading, Writing and Music, but I always seem to be inspired to put pen to paper for that special occasion or experience which comes along once in a while and which, I feel, needs to be captured in rhyme. Over the years I have given the gift of poetry to my family and friends and have been encouraged to share that gift with others.

How did I first get into my craft
For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by the written word. At the age of 6 I was reading books written for 10+ children and would spend most of my spare time reading or copying words from books, newspapers and magazines. I used to have exercise books full of copying, it used to drive my mum insane! I\'ve always written limericks and rhymes but didn\'t start saving any until I was in my twenties, married with a baby and began to ponder on the meaning of life.

Is there any other particular artist or person in my life that influences or inspires me
I\'ve always loved rhyme that tells a story and makes you smile, or is just plain silly. As a child I adored Dr Seuss, Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll. In later life I became a fan of Pam Ayres from England who read her poems professionally and also Spike Milligan.

My favourite materials to work with and why
I love words that rhyme and poems that keep you guessing and have a twist at the end.

Is there anything that I do that I think makes my creations stand apart from similar ones/ your competitors
As with most poets I write from the heart and take inspiration from my surroundings and experiences. Every experience is unique and personal to me but I try to convey some humour in most of my poetry in the hope it will make people smile.

Just to finish
I am happy to consider giving any item your own personal touch. I am also happy to try new designs, sizes or colours, or write something especially for you, even if it isn\'t listed in my studio. So never be afraid to contact me about anything. Please see my full policies for further details

I have been fortunate enough to have had 12 of my personal poems published in Poetry Anthologys.
They are:
In the Night - In: Guided Thoughts ISN 1-86226-560-7
I can\'t Sleep - In: Poets Ensemble ISBN 1-85786-567-7
Precious People - In: Through the Ages of Life ISBN 1-86188-620-9
Witch\'s Kitchen - In: Threads of Life ISBN 1-85930-572-5
My Brother - In: My Regards to You ISBN 1-85930-581-4
Sunday, Mother\'s Sunday - In: Treasured Moments ISBN 1-86161-322-9
Heirlooms - In: A Sense of Belonging ISBN 1-86188-650-0
Dad - In: Poems for Dad ISBN 1-85786-498-0 (Under the Pen Name Sharon Reilly)
Goodbye Old Friend - In: Legacy of Life ISBN 1-85930-584-9
My Buried Treasure, My Hidden Wealth - In: Important People Important Lives ISBN 1-85930-610-1
Piggin\'\'Ell - In: Poems to make you Smile ISBN 1-85930-594-6
Mum - In: Poets Galore ISBN 1-85786-635-5