Cinderella FairyTale Castle Mirror Wedding Favors Programs qty 50


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Cinderella FairyTale Castle Mirror Wedding Favors Programs qty 50


Your programs are printed on the finest ivory marbled parchment paper, 24lbs, and will leave an awesome visual impact!

Blank Inside

When Folded
Measurements: 5.5" x 8.5"

Normal Processing Time Frame 1-2 weeks.

A designer will email you an information request within 2 business days of receiving your payment

Product Attributes

Color: Grey

Accepted Payments
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United States
First Item: $7.99
Additional Items: $1.00

United Kingdom
First Item: $15.00
Additional Items: $5.00

First Item: $13.99
Additional Items: $5.00


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As a rule of thumb, Ordering wedding invitations is generally done at Least 4-12 months in advance (ordered ahead of time in case there are any errors that were not caught in the proofs or changes of event details, etc), and then the invitations are mailed out generally at least 6 weeks to 2 months in advance. We offer expedites for people who are behind in the process as a courtesy. Wedding invitations within 4 weeks is the industry norm, and is even faster than a lot of companies with a standard 4-8 week turnaround.Here is a rule to go by if you are purchasing invitations on how to figure out if you need an expedite and if you do what expedite service you should pick.

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Q: When does the 4-6 week time frame start?
A: The 4-6 week time frame starts once we receive your response to our information request email that is sent 2 business days after we receive your payment.

Q: I have ordered internationally and I need one of my items redone, how do I get this taken care of?
A: If the error is ours, our policy is to refund favor items for international orders. If there is an error with the invitations, we will use our discretion, but most likely redo instead of refunding.

Q: I really love your invitations a lot, but I have a different theme in mind. Can you create a new theme?
A: Yes, we can do invitations in ANY theme. We are a custom design shop, so just email us your ideas, or what you'd like, and chances are, we can accommodate your theme!

Q: There is an error on my invitations, can I get a refund?
A: We do not offer refunds as all sales are final, but if it was a mistake that wasn't in the proofs that you approved, we will be happy to immediately send out a corrected set.

Q: I ordered invitations from you 3 months ago, and now I don't think there's enough. I think my order may have been short 10. Can you send out 10 more?
A: We must be notified within 10 days of you receiving your order of any issues that may need correcting. Please check your order when you receive it to make sure all is correct. All orders go through 3 different staff members for quality and count check, so any kind of issue is extremely rare, but if deemed our error, will immediately be corrected within those 10 days. We have this rule as a staple as, unfortunately in the past some have run out of what they needed and try to get more for free after records expire, so we carry this standard policy.

Q: I'd rather give you my wording and work with you over the phone
A: We operate over email so we can create a file for you to keep all your wording, proofs, changes, etc. We must have all information and correspondence in print, that is why all correspondence is over email. Our scroll invitations are award winning and our invitations have also been featured on two episodes of A Wedding Story and HandyKane is also the featured company for weddings in a best selling novel! You can see from eBay we are a top Powerseller and have been on eBay alone for over 5 years and have had our website for almost 10 years, so you know you're dealing with professionals. You can also see a long list of testimonials to see how you will enjoy your items.

We always email you back right away whenever you answer a question, generally that same hour!

By doing this, you are guaranteed the best and fastest service for all your event needs. We can quickly research all of your inquiries and write you back and send you close-ups of all items youíre interested in over email as well!

So just ask whatever questions you have, and weíll quickly get back to you with the thorough answers you need.


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