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Boho jewelry, bohemian jewelry, hippy jewelry, bohemian necklaces,


A Vintage Handmade necklace artifact of the Tuareg desert people of Morocco
these crosses are magically woven with symbology
and infused with fire and charcoal shaped using bronze brass or silver.
The beaded necklace is made from onyx semi precious stones.

ever wanted to feel the desert on your skin or embrace the Sahara winds perhaps
you may ? by adorning yourself in this precious Tuareg necklace which where created
in the Sarah ,a magical piece that feels light and comfortable to wear with beautiful craftsmanship and the greatness
of the culture that withstands the ages wear it for any occasion , impress your friends and family with the rawness of he magical land

The symbols on this artifact are as follows.------------------------------------------

//// - Symbols represent Pemba's divinity Tuareg god of the earth.

WW - Symbol repents cosmic travel of three creator ancestors the celestial trajectory of -- Venus the suns annual path of the year,

o - The sun

/// - Entrusted to faro the water god

-------Main measurement -------

Length : 10 cm
Width : 6 cm

------Necklace measurement----
from one end to other

Total Length : 33 cm

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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

In the old days, the Touareg artisan blacksmith (enad sing., inedan pl.) lived towards the bottom of the social heap. His status wasn’t quite as lowly as that of the slaves (iklan) or even freed slaves (iderfan). But there’s no doubt that he was subservient to the warrior nobility (imajeren), the tribute paying vassals (imrhad) and the marabouts and judges (ineslemen). There’s an old Mauritanian proverb which says that the artisan must always be tah-ktab or tah-erkab, either under the power of the ‘book’, in other words, the holy man and his Qur’an, or under the ‘shield’, in other words, the noble warrior. Nevertheless, like most social relationships in this ancient feudal world, the artisan was tied to his superiors and inferiors by bonds of reciprocity that made each class indispensible to the survival of the whole. It was a supple system of give and take that gave society its unity, its strength and sinew.

The artisan made almost everything that was necessary for daily life and survival in the desert; tents, bags, saddles, swords, pottery, padlocks, keys, shields, lances, beds, musical instruments and, of course, jewellery. But his usefulness extended beyond that of a craftsman, a maker of objects. In fact, if you list every role ever attributed to the artisan class, you end up with an extraordinary array of trades and skills; jeweller, saddle-maker, leather-worker, carpenter, sword-maker, cobbler, potter, bead-maker, tanner, mat maker, teacher, historian, musician, nuptial negotiator or matchmaker, wedding organiser, midwife, messenger, diplomat, adviser, general repairman, knife-sharpener, circumciser, cattle-brander, hairdresser, surgeon, dentist, doctor, vet, apothecary…even magician!

Of course, no single artisan ever performed all these roles. To begin with, some of them were reserved for female artisans or tinedan, notably tent making, leatherworking and bead making. And there was also a hierarchy of activity within the artisan class itself. Jewellers were considered to be the masters, below them came the potters, then the woodworkers and so on. But it was not uncommon for a master jeweller to also be called on to fix a broken sword or saddle, pull a tooth, circumcise a young boy, take part in the negotiation of a wedding between the offspring of two noble families, or play music and recite epic poetry at some grand feast or event.

The most important characteristic of the artisans is that they belong to a hereditary ‘closed’ caste. You are born an artisan, you cannot become one. Your career choices are limited, albeit within the extraordinarily wide range of traditional artisan activity. Boys usually start their apprenticeship at around the age of seven, working the bellows while their fathers, uncles and elder brothers melt down and fashion the medial, tidying up around the workshop, making tea. After a few years the apprentice might be allowed to finish off a cross or a bangle, or make a very simple ring or earring. Gradually, after about fifteen years gradually ascending the hierarchy of skills he becomes a master artisan.

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Color: Silver

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