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Mammoth Tusk Ivory Ring Sterling Silver

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This mammoth tusk ivory is 3/4" long and 1/2" wide. It stands tall..near 1/2". Cut by me in my shop from a larger chunk and this is the best of that piece. White is a little brighter than most mammoth ivory and I left just enough of the outer bark to get a "look". The tan or gold color comes from the minerals in ground it was buried in. On softer material that color goes all the way throught the tusk. Ivory is tranlusant enough to soak up light and looks a little different in sunlight than indoor light. This cab is hard and took an excellent polish. Those splits just give it character and will not get bigger. Very nice. Around 30 million years old. Give or take a few million.

Russian...from Siberia and most likely found by deer hunters during the short thaw period. Russia is the main supplier of this legal form of Ivory. Mammoth tusk Ivory ships unregulated through out the world...including the USA(note I ONLY SHIP USA). I bought this rough at the Tucson Gem & Mineral show last year...from a Russian co-op.

Bezel set on a thick, 18ga. sterling sheet with a twisted wire-rope trim at the bezel. The same rope around both sides of the band. The band is cut from a 16ga. sheet. Very thick and heavy and it is 3/8" wide. Ridges of the rope are filed smooth on the inside....for your comfort. You could not bend this band if you tried....THICK.

Size is an....11...but I can size it to what ever you need.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

The large chunk I cut this from is awsome. I don't have a lot of it so it's fun to work with. Not common at all. Color in the bark is nice.

I do have some cabs and "rough" chunks in my other ArtFire studio....RiverRoadWest...

The large tusk in the one photo is 160" long !

Materials Used


Product Attributes

Color: Grey

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