Jasmine Flower Essence by Gaia's Garden


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Jasmine Flower Essence by Gaia's Garden


Jasmine Flower Essence
Traditionally known for:
Regulation of bronchial and nasal mucous
Balance in digestive tract
Protein absorption
Unloading past burdens to live in the now
jasmine essence helps us find and release old hooks that remain hidden in our spirit. These hooks may be past traumas, old loves or stagnant emotional patterns. Jasmine brings them into our consciousness so we may clear them our in order to make spiritual progress and have a sense of mental clarity
To enhance unconditional love for self, connection to the angelic realm and source energy, use when you are in need for maternal protection, fosters healthy and balanced female and sister relationships. Fosters respect and love for self and others. Effective to use when feeling "ugly or "hateful" towards self. Softens feelings of anger and judgement.
This flower makes it possible to create a new image of oneself, more authentic.
It helps to overcome the difficulties one has giving up old habits which make us unhappy.
It can make one conscious of the most hidden aspects of one's person. These aspects are often the best, whereas one thinks that they are the worst. This discovery brings a great relief.
It is recommended for teenagers looking for themselves while trying to break with the family model which does not fit them.
It may be given to excessively self-satisfied people who give an image quite different from what they actually are. For those unauthentic beings, who live life as a performance.
True psychological regenerator, it helps one find peace. It is also a stimulant and helps to fight laziness
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This is presented for information only

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Size: 1 oz

Color: Purple

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