Zombie Costume TWO FACE Batman Burned Face Prosthetic Halloween


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Zombie Costume TWO FACE Batman Burned Face Prosthetic Halloween


ZOMBIE COSTUME - Latex Prosthetic Makeup - pieces perfect for Halloween Costumes
Can be used for zombie makeup or any type of horror themed production.


Zombie / Horror Latex prosthetic piece for Special FX Makeup application. Item is applied to half of your face.Hand made and hand painted with airbrush by us. Item comes uncut so that you can custom fit it to your face. Has a layer of prop blood coated on it but I suggest coating it with blood too for even more of a wet look. Unleash your inner zombie or get some friends together and create some zombie mayhem!

WORKS FOR: Adults Men or Women


Please note: Adhesive and Latex to apply are not included.
Two application options:
1) Spirit gum (adhesive and any liquid latex) Liquid latex helps blend edges into the skin.

2) The better application: check out my shop for my JaneDoeFX Latex adhesive - it works as an adhesive and also latex for blending - kills two birds with one stone!

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

perfect for zombie costumes, zombie makeup, two face costumes, halloween costumes, zombies like walking dead, etc.

More Info

special fx makeup, special fx prosthetic,

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Latex

Size: One size

Pattern: One

Color: Red

Occasion: halloween

Type: latex prosthetic

Theme: zombie costume

Finish: zombie makeup

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