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handmade bamboo and turquoise bangle

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Have gotten so many "likes" on this one - so I'm offering it at $10.00 off just so a lucky person can take it home!

these three bamboo bangles wrapped in thin brown leather cord and small round turquoise beads are perfect for the beach! the three separate bangles are bound with the brown cord to make one thick (but lightweight) bangle that sits comfortably on your wrist. the beads are handwrapped with copper wire to the bangle.

wear it on the beach with that new swimsuit or with a colorful outfit.

bangle measures 3 in. in diameter with a thickness of 1 inch. inside thickness about 1.5 mm. turquoise beads about 3 mm. round.

Item No. 004
Perfect Fit

To determine your bangle size, take a flexible measuring tape or piece of string or ribbon. Hold your hand closed to make a tight fist, and then wind the tape/ribbon/string taut around the widest point. Take note of the measurement where the tape measure's ends meet. If using a piece of ribbon or string, mark the part where it meets and lay this alongside a ruler. That should give you your base measurement.

A bangle should slide in and out of your hand easily yet not fit too loosely as to clunk around.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

i found six orphan bamboo rings that were meant to be curtain holders at a small shop. a quick spritz of paint, some leather cord, copper wire and beads turned them into a one of a kind accessory.

Materials Used

bamboo, copper wire, turquoise beads

More Info

This item is at 25% off it's original price. It's an Awesome 2010 Deal!

Product Attributes

Color: Red

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