36 pod Grow Tower with two pails Free ship Continental USA


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36 pod Grow Tower with two pails Free ship Continental USA


Hydroponic fun "36 podTough Guy Plus"

Hydroponic tower with 36 grow pods and a visual water fountain.

The 36 pod tough guy plus is a update version of the Tough guy plus listing adding an additional 12 pods..
I have added a separate pump bucket and moved the fountain pipe outside the tower.
Also adding a control valve for improved easy flow control. The tower is rugged and friendly to use. The additional bucket provides stability in windy areas. The tough guy plus really works growing just about anything that has roots.

The second bucket doubles the working life before needing to add water and nutrient.

Another big advantage is the ease of accessibility of the pump. Just pull off the snap on cover and the pump is right there.

The buckets are interconnected with a 3 inch settling space below the connection so their is lots of room for plant droppings to settle in the tower bucket isolating the pump from contamination. End of the season cleaning is facilitated with a hand tighten joiner between buckets.

The tower has just a few parts. 2 tough 5 gallon pails, a 24 pod and removable 12 pod tower made from 6 inch pipe with 24 and 12 grow pods mounted slanting down, screwed in place with a stainless steel screw that protrudes into the root area. trapping your planting in place as it grows around it.

The grow pods are sealed to the tower insuring that the nutrient/water flow is contained within the tower recirculating into the tower pail and pump pail.

Start from seeds or better and much easier, plant small seedlings with roots exposed and mostly washed off. Seedlings will grow with almost 100% success. Plant by splitting the foam plug around the plant stem above the roots and stuff it in a grow pod.

The nutrient, at least a full season is supplied. A couple tablespoons or less per gallon. The 10 gallons will last well over a week in moderate weather. Tomatoes drink a lot and in hot weather and will need a little more attention.

A high quality pump with only one moving part is provided. The pump runs continuously providing a constant visual aerated nutrient fountain to drizzle down inside the tower feeding the roots uniformly throughout the tower.

The adjustable flow pump is filtered and is readily accessed under a snap on cover on the pump pail
A new addition is provided. A snap on cover for the tower pail contains splashing and sun from reaching the pail nutrient.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

It's great fun and exciting to watch your tower plants grow and grow and finally ripen ready for picking and eating,

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Plastic

Size: 36 pod tower

Color: White

Height: 56 inches tall

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United States
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My shipping policy is pretty simple. Most of my towers fit in a 12x12 x36 inch tall corrugated box.
I place the pail and tower in the box and fill the box with shaved foam chips, to the top of the tower
I then place the pump and nutrient package of Maxi GRow in the box with more chips. finally I poke in the various pipes
I add the foam grow blocks and 8 page assembly instruction and planting hints directions.

Keep the packing material until you are sure you want to keep the tower.
You will need it to return the tower If that's what you decide.

I ship using mostly home delivery FEDEX. Some times UPS and occasionally USPS whichever is lowest cost.

IF you are unhappy with the product, For any reason,
decide within 14 days

Re pack as I had it when you got it and ship it back to me for a full refund of the purchase price..
You will pay for return shipping.

Thanks for your interest
You will love your tower and have fun growing anything and everything.
Stan S


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